mental health & illness

These are the new rules. I’m not allowed to leave the house without Ma, William, or preferably, both. I am not allowed to go into town. Therefore, William is not allowed to go into town, because I am not allowed to stay at home alone. Now we are having family meetings every day. In these family meetings, we talk about things that are unifying us and things that are dividing us. We are striving for things that unify us. (Naturally.) Things that divide us must be eliminated. At this family meeting is where the rules are defined. We sit at the kitchen table. William has arranged his face in a semblance of nonchalance, picking at the table with his thumbnail. There exists a somewhat mythical story about my father buying this table and having to enlarge the doors to get it in. It’s one of my favorite stories about him because it seems so outlandish, and makes my father seem grand in a manner that has nothing to do with madness. One of Ma’s ideas is to string bells along the top of the front and back doors, and the windows, too.


P.S. Jezebel quoted from my post about “phase blindness” in an article this week titled “Vague Memory May Be Linked to Depression.” Check it out — it’s an interesting look into memory and mental illness.

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