All I Want to Do Is Play with My Polaroid Camera

art of writing

I sent off my manuscript, a timeline, and a list of facts checked (thank you, Sara Carbaugh, superstar VA of Your Creative Ally, for the fact-checking) to my agent this morning, and then I promptly fell asleep on the couch for an hour, which is very much unlike me when I wake up, as I do, early-early-early in the mornings. But it felt like a fitting “ending” to the first of many “endings,” when it comes to this book. By the time I’d woken up, A had written me back, saying that she was bringing the materials on a scouting trip with her, and that she’d let me know when she thought she had something of a timeline.

While all of this is going on with Delusions (we’ll see if I get to keep the title when this is all through), I’ve been playing around with my “new” Polaroid Spectra and the packs of Impossible Project film I bought. The first few shots came out decidedly awful, but slowly I started to come out with shots that I liked. I’m taking a nudes class with Chloe Aftel next week, which I’m quite chuffed about; my pal Kristin, photographer extraordinaire, is also taking the class. Perhaps I’ll post some of those NSFW shots up here when the time comes!

It’s important, I’ve decided, that there’s something in my life right now that is not writing, that can sit in my hands and heart and let my life be full of making and seeing things in new ways, to learn a new skill, to play with this film that is so fun that I actually had dreams last night of shooting with TIP film last night.

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