Two Words to Sum It All Up

compassion & care

I’m reading a book for a forthcoming review here. & I can’t stop thinking about something that the book asks, which is: What is your message?

The message being the thing that you are trying to say all of the time. The thing that you are always talking or thinking about. The thing that you wish everyone knew and acted upon. The thing that, if you could look back at the History of You, would be the thing that you were always trying to say. And I thought about it — was it something about mental illness, or violence against women? What is the thing that I am hammering away at, here?

I first voiced it when I made a mix tape for The Very Bad Ex. Already, he had been treating me poorly, but not raped me (yet). I labeled the mix tape, Please, be kind. It was my tiny voice, saying something big.

That’s my message. Be kind. Be as kind as you can stand to be. My friend’s mother says, “Show more love,” which is another version of this. Two words.

Be kind to yourself.

Be kind to people you love.

Be kind to people you don’t love.

Be kind to people you meet today.

Just be kind.

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