Puppy Love

a motley assortment

Hello, friends.

Oof, the weather is terrible today. At least, in my judgment of what’s considered “terrible weather.” The sky is milky. It’s pouring, and everything has that shade of dim gray that comes with a hard rain. In other words, very typical San Francisco weather — we’ve had, as many others of us Stateside have had, a mild winter, and times of hard rain have been few and far between. See above recently taken Polaroids (Impossible Project film) for evidence of our gorgeous light.

One of the reasons Chris and I wanted to buy a place was that it’s quite difficult to find nice, yet dog-friendly rentals in San Francisco, and our former apartment didn’t allow for any sort of pet (although I suspect there was a secret cat in the building somewhere). Last night, while relaxing after work, I found a picture and description of a mutt from a local rescue and fell. Hard. So we’ll see if we’ll be adding a li’l pup to our two-person family. I’ve got to put my maternally centered energies somewhere, if we continue to plan on never having kids.

I’m imagining myself becoming one of those overly precious Dog Moms.

In the rain I would take my dog out to relieve herself. “Please hurry,” I’d beg. “We’re getting wet.” We’d come back inside and she’d roll around on our fancy rug. Who needs a fancy rug, anyway? And I’m hankering for a pal to curl up with on the couch while I read.


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