Happy Friday

a motley assortment

Inventing a Horse


Inventing a horse is not easy.

One must not only think of the horse.
One must dig fence posts around him.
One must include a place where horses like to live;
or do when they live with humans like you.
Slowly, you must walk him in the cold;
feed him bran mash, apples;
accustom him to the harness;
holding in mind even when you are tired
harnesses and tack cloths and saddle oil
to keep the saddle clean as a face in the sun;
one must imagine teaching him to run
among the knuckles of tree roots,
not to be skittish at first sight of timber wolves,
and not to grow thin in the city,
where at some point you will have to live;
and one must imagine the absence of money.
Most of all, though: the living weight,
the sound of his feet on the needles,
and, since he is heavy, and real,
and sometimes tired after a run
down the river with a light whip at his side,
one must imagine love
in the mind that does not know love,
an animal mind, a love that does not depend
on your image of it,
your understanding of it;
indifferent to all that it lacks:
a muzzle and two black eyes
looking the day away, a field empty
of everything but witchgrass, fluent trees,
and some piles of hay.
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Exquisite Things #1

a motley assortment

Things that I am loving at present:

  • My new layout, if I do say so myself! Should you be reading this in Google Reader or something similar, do take a gander.
  • Polaroids galore — I just got my paycheck today and am giddy to purchase a few more packs of Impossible Project film.
  • Daphne, Daph, Daffers — she was spayed yesterday and had some baby teeth removed. When I came home from Pilates, she was wearing an Elizabethan cone with some gauze tied around it and looked like the saddest ragamuffin. Adding to this impression was the fact that she was drugged. Poor baby.
  • Kinfolk. Not original or earth-shattering, I know, but I received #3 in the mail yesterday. Kinfolk and The Gentlewoman are my favorite magazines at the moment. They are both so aesthetically and mentally pleasing.
  • Fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, drenched in balsamic vinegar, topped with basil and a sprinkling of sea salt.
  • Jillian at The Noisy Plume is my new favorite blogger and makes me think of running through fields with the wind in my hair. Long meadows. Lichen. Making things with my hands.

What are some things that you’re loving, lately? Bonus points for links and extra bonus points for passion!

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