In Absentia

a motley assortment

When I’m silent on the blog for a significant amount of time, it usually means one of two larger things:

  1. I’m having an awesome time gallivanting about in my life, and have no time for doing things like tip-tapping away on my computer; alternately, I’m having a crazy busy time gallivanting about in my life, and have no time for doing things like, etc.
  2. The mere thought of getting online and doing anything but reading my Twitter feed exhausts my addled brain.

In this case, my weeklong absence has been due to the latter.

For now I will say that a bonus in my life has been the accidental greying of my hair, as seen above. It was meant to be my usual blonde, but instead came out a bluish-silver shade.

I have been thinking about how I always prided myself on loving fiercely and intensely and how I had forgotten what hurt that can bring. I am perhaps more naive as an adult than I was as a teenager, in this case. Daphne and I had wild, blank, dumb animal fun late into the night last night. Eventually I had to put her squeaky toys away because I was afraid of bothering the neighbors. I picked some jasmine from the enormous climbing plant by our bedroom window and put it in a small brown apothecary bottle. I am living. You are too.

This morning I received my agent’s detailed edits for Part One of Delusions. It’s a joy, to have something concrete to work on.

Carry on, sweet lovelies.

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