Early Mornings Again

a motley assortment

Hey, Daph. I know I woke up too early again today. Before 4, even. I tried not to bother you, sweet girl, but you always know when Momma’s up and about. When I made hash with soy sauce and fried eggs I could hear you rustling around in your crate, and the sweet notes of birds passing back and forth outside. I ate the hash on the sofa and you watched me, and then I let you out back, my good girl, we went into the garage, you faithfully by my side, I got out the blanket that you’d puked on last night, we went back upstairs. I tell you, “Go home, go home, Daphne,” and you always know what that means, even if you don’t always listen to me. Today we’re probably going to have to go to the vet again, and I hope there’s nothing really very wrong with you. I was going to say, I couldn’t take it, but I’ve learned that I can take a lot of things. But I love you, little Daph, and I want you to be okay. So we played with Pink Friend and Pink Bunny this morning, plus your bully stick from Mel and Clover (sweet ladies), and let’s just hang out like girl friends today, let’s do one another’s nails and friendly-gossip till Dad gets home. I love you.

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