a motley assortment

Right now I’m in the liminal phase between having just gotten out of an everyday partial hospitalization program and re-entering my full-time workload in the city. My days are emptier, with the occasional appointment, and so this is what they are filled with: fatigue (possibly side effects from new medication dosages), reading the Philofaxy blog while I wait for my ochre Malden to come, staring at fat-faced peonies as they go from coral to pale pink to moony white, cuddles with Daph and Chris, and trying to remember how my mind works when it’s not being assaulted — nine months of mood swings and impaired reality testing have ended in exhaustion. It was only a few weeks ago that I covered all of the mirrors with towels and hid in the closet, screaming when Chris opened the door; it was that day that we ended up calling the triage nurse, when I ended up entering the program.
It is also almost my birthday (Gemini), and as I was tidying the bedroom yesterday, I came upon my birthday present from Chris “hidden” under a stack of papers — a package from Jillian, aka The Noisy Plume; Chris groaned and said, “Go ahead, open it.” The package contained one of her “empty open” necklaces, with a faintly pink twig inside a gorgeous petri dish. Swoon.

As I wait for (hopefully good) news that I’ll be happy to share here later, my mouth becomes plastered shut, and so here is a picture of Daph to tide you all over. Love, love.

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