Your legacy is based in your life and work. Be conscious of the legacy you’re creating; next, build strong foundations in order to anchor that legacy in place. I work as a writer, speaker, and mental health advocate who engages in conversations about what we leave behind.


Whether I’m speaking to a large room of well-published writers, to ten consumers at a mental health clinic, or to thousands of quirky folks working to change the world, my message is not just about my personal story, but about everyone’s story: there is nothing broken about us.


Described as required reading for anyone “who knows that there is another way to live: with more compassion, empathy and understanding,” Light Gets In is an ebook and audiobook based in personal stories about living well with mental illness. Find this, and other creations, in the store.


In addition to publishing work in places such as Salon, Jezebel, and The Toast, I also write online in the Journal about legacy, the writing life, and living well with chronic illness and schizoaffective disorder; each piece is accompanied by an audio recording.