I'm a writer who provides resources for emerging writers and artists to manage struggles while creating good work. I dream of a world in which we can all grow into self-assured professionals who have tools to deal with the ups and downs of the creative life.


Author of the forthcoming novel The Border of Paradise (Unnamed Press, April 2016), as well as a freelance writer and essayist for publications such as The New Inquiry, The Believer, Salon, and Jezebel. I’m currently writing an essay collection about schizophrenia.

Tools for Creatives

Where’s the Electricity? is a powerful, affordable program that contains my method of finding the energetic source behind your work: obsessions and themes. Listening for Words is a series of guided meditations created for writers. Find these, and other resources, in the Shop.


In addition to publishing work elsewhere, I also write online in the Journal about legacy-building, the writing life, and living well with late-stage Lyme and schizoaffective disorder. Each piece is accompanied by an audio recording.




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