Your legacy is based in your life and work. Be conscious of the legacy you’re creating; next, build strong foundations in order to anchor that legacy in place. I work as a writer, speaker, and mental health advocate who leads conversations about what we leave behind.


Whether I’m speaking to a room of well-published writers, to ten consumers at a mental health clinic, or to thousands of quirky folks working to change the world, my message is not just about my personal story, but about everyone’s story: there is nothing broken about us.


Where’s the Electricity? is a powerful workbook and audio that contains my method of finding the energetic source behind your work: obsessions and themes. Light Gets In is a book about living well with mental illness. Find these, and other creations, in the store.


In addition to publishing work in places such as Salon, Jezebel, and The Toast, I also write online in the Journal about legacy-building, the writing life, and living well with chronic illness and schizoaffective disorder. Each piece is accompanied by an audio recording.

If you make things for a living — if you write, dance, draw, paint, sculpt — it is likely that, despite what some may think, you work insanely hard.

polaroid with notepadAfter all, you’re not only honing your craft and exploring new frontiers; you’re also figuring out how to earn money while doing so. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed artist, creative, creative entrepreneur, or all of the above, your efforts to build a powerful body of work come with the demands of creating a life for yourself.

I know people like you. I also know that engaging in hard work, trying to avoid burnout, and including self-care is its own tricky balancing act.

But I believe that robust creative legacies are made by people who aren't constantly trying to create with an empty tank. And because I also believe that legacy-building includes how we're remembered as people, I'm convinced that doing so includes creating art from a full heart.

I'm Esmé, founder of Esmé Weijun Wang Productions. I’m a novelist and nonfiction writer who lives with schizoaffective disorder and chronic Lyme disease. (I also live with a handsome fella and a sunbeam-loving mutt.) I write for publications such as Salon and The Toast, received my MFA from the University of Michigan’s top-ranking Creative Writing program, and have been awarded the Sudler Award, Hopwood Award, and the Elizabeth George Foundation Grant; I’ve been selected for writing residencies at Hedgebrook and the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts. I’m currently writing an essay collection titled The Collected Schizophrenias. In the past, I've studied Studio Art at Yale and the California College of the Arts.

Here at Esmé Weijun Wang Productions, I offer tools to feed your creativity and programs to build resilience so that you can best do what you do best. I also deliver talks at conferences, organizations, and schools about rewriting our narratives of brokenness.

Learn more about my restorative journaling course, Rawness of Remembering; investigate the publications and art in my shop; and have a sit-down with some good ol'-fashioned reading material at the Journal. You can also learn more about me here.

I'm so glad to have you here. Welcome.




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