I'm a writer and speaker who provides resources for writers and aspiring writers, encouraging the development of resilience as well as mastery. I dream of a world in which developing writers grow into self-assured professionals who have tools to deal with the ups and downs of a creative life.


I’m the author of the forthcoming novel The Border of Paradise (Unnamed Press, April 2016), as well as a freelance writer and essayist for publications such as The New Inquiry, The Believer, Salon, and Jezebel. I’m currently writing an essay collection about schizophrenia.


Where’s the Electricity? is a powerful workbook and audio that contains my method of finding the energetic source behind your work: obsessions and themes. Light Gets In is an e-book about living well with mental illness. Find these, and other creations, in the Shop.


In addition to publishing work in places such as Salon, Jezebel, and The Toast, I also write online in the Journal about legacy-building, the writing life, and living well with chronic illness and schizoaffective disorder. Each piece is accompanied by an audio recording.




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