So… how does the hiatus template go?

So… how does the hiatus template go?

a motley assortment

persimmonThis idea came to me when I was lying on “my” bed today (also known as, the bed in my studio): Take a blog hiatus.

That word, by the way? I don’t want to use it anymore: the big B-word. Right now, I’m referring to this as a collection of chronicles. The collection itself is a chronicle. I am chronicling. You, of course, are free to refer to it however you wish.

Why the hiatus?

I’ll be back, and better than ever! 

I’m going through some personal things right now and need a break.

Nonspecific family issues.

Honestly, I’m going on a break because I’m scattered. I’m figuring shit out. I’m figuring out whether or not I should redact the word “shit.” My heart is undergoing shifts that I could never have anticipated. I went blonde because I found out that I couldn’t get a tattoo. I fainted on a plane last month. I was just diagnosed with a vitamin toxicity, am going to a chronic pain specialist, might have to see a neurologist. When people ask me how I’m doing, I say, “Great,” or, “Okay,” or, “I’ve been crying a lot, but a lot of stuff has been going really well.” I’m helping my friends. I’m helping my community. I don’t know what art is. I’m putting together my copywriting packages and asking myself, a la Alexandra Franzen, “What could I make that would be even more helpful?” I’m assembling my 2014 business plan. I’m working with my fabulous designer on a 2014 website redesign that’s going be museum-worthy. I’m releasing The Radical Sincerity Manifesto book soon. My dog is in major need of cuddles.

Will I be on social media? Probably. Am I going to continue to write to the mailing list? Almost certainly.

I’ll be back on December 3, 2013, which is also going to be the New Moon — which is when the seeds are planted for things to come.




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  1. Obviously you have to take care of yourself or your wonderful chronicles wouldn’t even exist! :)

    I for one will be eagerly awaiting your return, and already can’t wait to see the 2014 redesign.

  2. I know what it’s like to feel scattered and think it’s great that you’re giving yourself this space. Sometimes reaching out to the world can be healing, and sometimes it can be hindering. I hope this time is restful and gathering for you!

  3. Take time and be kind to yourself. Daphne, snuggles, and some long walks along a beach are probably the best way to take a hiatus. We will all be here when you return!

  4. Oh, Hon… I’m so excited for you. It sounds like you’re taking big steps into what you’ve been called to do. Wow, a hiatus. I never even thought I could do that… hmm… Much love and talk soon!

  5. HannahBWYA

    Having asked you how you are doing yesterday, I wish I had read this sooner and offered a digital hug instead. Glad you’re doing what you need to do: clearing, sorting, settling, and making way for bigger, better, and taking care of yourself first.

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