• Jillian, aka The Noisy Plume : This gal single-handedly reawakened my faith in blogs. Is that not enough for you to click, click, click? She lives in the wilderness, writes like a dream, makes jewelry that’s so grand that I can’t wear anything else, and takes photographs that stop the steady pump of my blood in my veins. Go.  
  • Anna North : This lady is incredibly dear to my heart. Writer, Senior Editor for Buzzfeed’s Shift, and the author of debut novel America Pacifica (Reagan Arthur/Little, Brown). 
  • Christopher Fleitas : My husband and partner of 11+ years. This is his hilarious, informative blog about an Old Norse poetic translation that he’s working on, and it hasn’t been updated in forever, but you should still take a look at it, because it is wonderful.
  • Jessalyn Wakefield : A magical woman (and I mean woman) with skills and brains to spare. One of the most vibrant writers I know. She’ll blow the top of your head off, and just thinking about it now, I realize that I need more Jessalyn in my bones. 
  • Katharine Tillman : Writer, new mom, scientist, long-time friend. Super thoughtful. Writes about spirituality in a way that’s neither cloying nor cynical. She doesn’t update often, but if you haven’t visited her space, her archives are deep and lovely.
  • Frankie Zmetra : Embodies the essence of class, sass, and vintage grace better than any ol’ gal I know.
  • Mabelle Bong : My cousin. I’ve seen her grow up from a li’l girl who can’t stop watching THE LION KING over and over again in my living room to a college student who does runs for cancer. Her art is slam-dunk fabulous. I love her.
  • Helena Kvarnström : Great person to eat oysters with. Phenomenal writer and photographer, and I’ve known her forever.
  • Jenny Zhang : One of my favorite writers ever, and that includes Tolstoy, O’Connor, and Nabokov. She veerrrrry occasionally writes at the style/political-personal blog that I founded, Fashion for Writers, but you can find her most frequently as a staff writer at Rookie.
  • Jennifer Lowe : A recent and wonderful discovery. So smart. So eloquent about pain and getting through pain.



  • Good Eggs : For people in the San Francisco Bay Area, and soon in Brooklyn — a CSA-type service in which you get to choose what you want, thereby helping local farmers and makers without necessarily getting ten pounds of beets every week for a month. I love them.
  • Nathan Billings Acupuncture : San Franciscans looking for acupuncture: look no further than Nathan Billings, whom I saw during the worst of my hand/wrist/fibromyalgia issues. He’s quite personable and good at what he does. Recommended.