Places to go, people to see. / December 21 2013

Places to go, people to see. / December 21 2013

places to go & people to see



Hello and happy Saturday, dear ones — I’m writing this in the pitch black of 6AM, fully aware of the fact that the Winter Solstice is upon San Francisco. After today, we’ll be turning toward the light again. The light! Though I long for it, I’ve made peace with winter over the last few years.

This week’s list is myriad, but no less lovely for it. Enjoy, and may your weekend be suffused with warmth in the darkness — whether figurative, literal, or both.

One more nice thing: the design files are now off to the web developer. We’re hoping for an early 2014 launch, and I’m already feeling myself wriggle around in this current space, which is feeling too small for the coming expansion.

With love,


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  1. So flattered and grateful to be in such great company — thank you for the lovely mention! It is great to e-meet and I’m looking forward to continuing the digital conversations…

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