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This helpful little book from Lisa Congdon is a useful guide for artists looking to turn their creative work into a career, whether that’s as a commercial illustrator or fine artist. Still Writing is one of those rare books that speaks as much about the day-to-day life of a writer, as well as what it’s like to sit down at the page and “start over” every day. Beloved among all sorts of creative types, these black-covered beauties have held brilliant ideas and half-baked notions for decades.


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A novel about a marriage. Offill writes remarkably about the ups and downs of a long-term relationship without descending into mawkish cliché. This book made the top of several Best Books lists in 2014. Youth, middle age, death. In my opinion, Salter’s finest work. The sentences are put together with lush precision, to be read aloud. Another novel about marriage. Black is unflinching in this examination of what it’s like to love someone and to still hurt them. I don’t cry often at books, but this one made me weep.

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