I do my work in this world, but I don’t do it alone. A few years ago, you would’ve seen me trudging along the steppes of Siberia with nary a bread crust in my knapsack, but these days, I’m a big fan of coaches and resources of all stripes — ranging from rape crisis counselors to my favorite Functional Muse, creative career coaches and sites for crazyfolk. Here are resources that I can vouch for because I’ve worked with them; you may not feel the same way about these fab folks/groups/sites, but they worked for me.



Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach :: Michelle Ward was the first coach that I ever worked with, and gosh darn it if she didn’t set me on a path that began with Oh My Bejeezus I Am Graduating with a “Worthless” MFA Degree and ended in working as a full-time writer/editor at an indie clothing company. She’s got a penchant for rhyming, a love for puns, and a sweet, sweet heart. She helped me figure out what I really wanted, and set me straight more than once with love and kindness. As of the end of 2012, she’s also a 33-year-old survivor of breast cancer who told her readers about it through a ukelele song she wrote called “I Got Boob Cancer.”  Adore her.

Dyana Valentine, Instigator :: Dyana Valentine has got major finesse for finagling groups, speaking with verve, and one-on-one coaching for creative types and entrepreneurs. I’ve used her as a novel-writing “Functional Muse,” but she’s been known to skyrocket entrepreneurs and other big-thinkers into the stratosphere with her powers of insight and smarts as well.



Crazyboards :: A good place to ask questions, find community, and feel less alone when dealing with all kinds of MI (mental illness) related issues. Things get heated sometimes, and emotions often run high — but if you go in prepared to meet some people in Crisis Mode (hey, we’ve all been there), you’ll be okay.

Define “Functioning” :: A discussion-based site with emphasis on “defining functioning” — as in, “high-functioning mental illness.” It appears to be in hibernation right now, but there’s still some good stuff in there from older posts.



The Online Hotline (RAINN) :: Yes, there is a national sexual assault online hotline, and yes, I’ve used it. It’s not a replacement for therapy, but I’m amazed that this resource exists. Just go on the site, sit in the “waiting room,” and chat for as long as you need to with a trained counselor.



Revamp Salon :: These are the folks who took my inky-black hair and turned it into a white-blond, magical mop, and the folks are as sweet as can be. Tell ‘em I sent you.