JUNE 7 2013

Hullo, loves. My web designer and I have been having some issues with carrying posts from Squarespace to WordPress(.org); this is mostly what’s holding up the debut of the new site. Apparently, there exists a bug that Squarespace is working on with regard to this issue, and I’m on the list of folks to be notified when they fix it. In the meantime, I’ve been scribbling down notes about what I want from this site and where I think it ought to go. Expect razzle-dazzle and big excitement.

To be notified when the site goes LIVE:

With Love & Squalor: The Mailing List

Among other new things planned for the site, the revival of the Mailing List (which I never sent anything to) is one of them. To be notified when the new site goes live, sign up to join WITH LOVE & SQUALOR, a non-spammy newsletter that will go out once a month. WL&S promises delicious inbox goodness, including essays not found on the site, a monthly desktop wallpaper, coupon codes for the store, and things that are just too juicy to keep to myself. See you on the other side. 
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