My personalized mentorship sessions occur where you are the only student. It’s catered to exactly what you want to learn and where you are at with your writing (both fiction and nonfiction), no-holds-barred.

1:1 Mentorships for WRITERS


Hey there!

I'm Esmé, your new ally in the writing world.

I’m a writer and essayist—the author of the New York Times-bestselling and finalist for the the PEN/Diamonstein-Spielvogel Award for the Art of the Essay book The Collected Schizophrenias: Essays (2019), as well as the novel The Border of Paradise: A Novel (2016), which was named one of NPR’s Best Books of 2016. I won the prestigious Whiting Award in 2018 and was selected by Granta for their once-a-decade Best of Young American Novelists list of 21 authors under 40; my short story, "What Terrible Thing It Was," was included in Best American Short Stories 2018. I’ve also made appearances on the Today Show, NPR’s Weekend Edition, KCRW, the New York Times, the CBC, Flavorwire, and the New Yorker Online.

Alex clemente

"I joined the Unexpected Shape Academy searching for community. I was looking for a supportive environment to nurture my growing writing ambitions. Esmé and the community she cultivates is just what I was looking for. She gave me access to authors and industry experts I had never thought I would interact with. This work of breaking down barriers made me believe that my ambition could materialize into actual essays and maybe even an actual book.

Working with Esmé 1-on-1 has only cemented my resolve to continue investing in my writerly ambitions. I know my work will be received with care. Her insight has always pushed my writing to a new level. I have also gained a champion for my work. Esme has connected me to other members of the literary community. She’s provided recommendations on where my work can live on. Moreover, she talks about my book as something that will exist in the future. That kind of support pushes me to keep writing so that this book does eventually see the light of day. And when it does, Esmé will be in the acknowledgments."

...and many more topics (Just ask!)



Mentorship Packages



○   1 hour Zoom call
○   DISCUSS Any writing-related topics
○   Downloadable recording

Talk to me for an hour about your project or your project-to-be, whether fiction or nonfiction. You get the chance to get my insight on it all: big and small, crucial or finicky. Impostor syndrome? Don't know how to get started? Stuck on your short story or essay? Application required to make sure I can be of help.

MAGIC Session


○   1 kickoff zoom call with downloadable recording and transcription
○   3 VIP Voxer days (24/7 voice memo communication 1x each month)
○   1 follow-up call on Zoom

A hummingbird project is when we spend time over three months to get one big thing on your writing wish list done. Your hummingbird project can range from writing an e-book memoir to sell on your website to preparing, outlining, and writing the core pieces of your book proposal to writing and revising a short story. Application required to make sure I can be of help.



R.O. KWON, author of exhibit 

"Esmé is a brilliant writer who cares intensely about community, with a deeply generous approach to sharing knowledge and uplifting others' voices. She helps make our literary communities a better and more expansive place, and anyone being mentored by Esmé will surely learn a great deal about writing practices, paths toward and through publishing, and what can often be an opaque and confusing industry. We should all be so lucky as to be guided along the way by someone as astute as Esmé."


"Upon completing my manuscript, I popped it off to Esmé and was wow'd by the experience of working with her to prepare my precious cargo for publication! Our working relationship involved that rare combination of speed, reliability AND the highest quality feedback. Esmé was so attuned to my intentions for the book and any suggestions were communicated with great sensitivity and care. Of course I gladly agreed with anything she noted as her input elevated the overall result, without a doubt. Hire Esmé!"

"Esmé Weijun Wang is not only brilliant, she's one of the hardest working writers I know. Her thoughtfulness, dedication, and attention to detail would benefit anyone working with her in a mentorship role."

Rachel Khong, author of real americans

gina balibrera, author of the volcano daughters

"I was so fortunate to be mentored by Esmé Weijun Wang for one year as part of the Periplus Collective writing community. Her steady, generous wisdom filled the distance on our phone calls, Zoom meetings, and voicemails, and her kindness, sense of beauty and joy, and her practical savvy were so valuable to me as I moved through novel drafts and the initial steps of publishing. With every question I brought to her, Esmé met me with support, understanding, and grace."

Frequently Asked Questions

What if something happens; are we able to reschedule?

I understand that sometimes things happen and we need to reschedule (as a chronically ill person—trust me, I get it). I do hope that you're able to give me 24 hours' notice. If you can't, you can't. However, I will only allow two rescheduled calls and/or VIP Voxer Days before I charge $50 per additional rescheduled call because I, too, have chronic illnesses, and I need to maintain a balanced schedule to prioritize my health and well-being. As such, I kindly ask that we limit the number of times our calls can be rescheduled. This will help me manage my energy and commitments. effectively.

Where can I learn more about you?

You can learn much more about me at my website,

One of my questions isn't answered here. Where can I ask it?

Please DM me at my Instagram at esmewwang. You can also email us at

Do you provide payment plans?

Yes! If you need a payment plan, please email us at and we can discuss further.

Is it possible to extend a Hummingbird Project if I wish?

Absolutely. WIth every mentorship, we'll discuss next steps toward the end of our time together.

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