We have scholarships on a rolling basis for both the Writing Intensive and the VIP Experience (as part of the Unexpected Shape Writing Academy). We are also searching for people to help sponsor scholarships.


Your first step will be to fill out one of the following applications (dependent on which direction you decide to take). You may only apply for one or the other, and not both. (Find out more about the differences between the two here.)

Once you fill out your application (which should take anywhere from 2-5 minutes), you'll be redirected to a page where next steps will be shared. 

Fill out this form to apply for the Writing Intensive:

Fill out this form to apply for the VIP Experience:

Though we'll make sure to notify you every step of the way, you are welcome to email Chloe at with any questions that might come up. However, please do not email to nudge us; we will notify you if you receive a scholarship.

I look forward to receiving your application! & thank you for taking the time to apply.

Our first batch of scholarships include four Writing Intensive spots, crowdfunded through I Fund Women, and two VIP Experience spots, funded by an anonymous donor. 

scholarships are both need- and merit-based.


How do I apply?

*any applications submitted outside of this timeline will be notified & put on our waitlist for future scholarships 

Ready to apply?

How do I sponsor a scholarship?

Are you interested in helping to sponsor a scholarship spot for either the Writing Intensive or the VIP Experience?

If yes, then thank you so much...

We are honored that you have decided to support our ever-growing community of ambitious writers, and are grateful for the future student(s) that, because of your generosity, are well on their way in pursuing their writerly goals.  

Please complete the following steps in order to become a sponsor for the Academy.

1. Do you want to be an anonymous donor? If not, please specify who or what your sponsorship is on behalf of

2. Specifications of donation (amount, etc.)

3. Do you have a timeframe in mind that you'd like to make these scholarship(s) available?

4. Would you like to help choose who receives the scholarship(s)?

5. And lastly, is there anything else you'd like to include that I didn't mention in the above questions?

Email Chloe at with your answers to the following questions.