Book Editing

Are you a visionary entrepreneur and writer? With over a decade of experience, my editing and copyediting services bring out well-honed, self-published works and six-figure book deals for folks with big ideas. Sound good? Your book is waiting.


Whether I’m speaking to a large room of well-published writers, to ten consumers at a mental health clinic, or to thousands of quirky folks working to change the world, my message is not just about my personal story, but about everyone’s story: there is nothing broken about us.


Described as required reading for anyone “who knows that there is another way to live: with more compassion, empathy and understanding,” Light Gets In is an ebook and audiobook based in personal stories about living well with mental illness. Find this, and other creations, in the store.


As a writer engaged in conversations about building a legacy in work and in life, as well as my own purpose-driven work as a mental health advocate, I write online about sincere business, the writing life, and living well with schizoaffective disorder.

You’ve worked hard on your book. Now let’s make it shine.

You’ve been working on a book. It’s The Book — the one that holds the big ideas you’ve been nurturing through your work with women in recovery, or developed as a coach for small business owners. Still, you’re not sure if your book has reached its maximum potential. With your value for excellence, you want to make sure that this bundle of words is at its best before you send it off. You wish that someone outside of the bubble of your work — someone who has insight into what makes a book tick — could help you shape your great work the way that you would by yourself, if you had the experience and could gain a little distance.

I'm Esmé, founder of Esmé Weijun Wang Productions. I started this business because I wanted to provide art in the form of immaculate publications, as well as services for book-writing, visionary entrepreneurs. I believe in encouraging conversations about building and leaving a legacy; leaving a mark is, in my case, tied to mental health advocacy and encouraging resilience. Having attended a top-tier MFA program for writing, written my own books, and helped others shape their books to score six-figure advances and critical acclaim, I deeply believe in writing through the story of what happens to us.

We might be a fit for one another if:

— Publishing a book is one of the big to-dos on your bucket list
— You'd seriously consider choosing books over an unlimited supply of coconuts on a deserted island
— Slapdash construction makes you queasy
— Changing the world for the better is important to you

I offer:

— Help with you (finally!) getting your gorgeous book started
— Book editing
— Inspirational and informational speaking

And if you delight in discovering a previously unknown, but perfect, word; believe in compassionate excellence and excellent compassion; are charting unknown territories with your work; adore enthusiastic conversations with passion-driven people — well, then, you've already got a special place in my literature-lovin' heart.

Check out how I can help you with your book, investigate the publications in my shop, and have a sit-down with some good ol'-fashioned reading material. You can also learn more about me here.