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Are you a visionary entrepreneur and writer? With over a decade of experience, my editing and copyediting services bring out well-honed articles and essays, polished ecourses, and six-figure book deals. Sound good? Let's talk.


As a writer engaged in conversations about literature and entrepreneurship, as well as my own purpose-driven work as a mental health advocate, I write online about sincere business, the writing life, and living well with schizoaffective disorder.

Light Gets In

Described as required reading for anyone “who knows that there is another way to live: with more compassion, empathy and understanding,” Light Gets In is an ebook about living well with mental illness. Download a free chapter here.

Media & Press

I write fiction and nonfiction for publication. After receiving my MFA in Fiction from the University of Michigan in 2010, I’ve since won an Elizabeth George Foundation grant, have been awarded various residencies, and am represented by McCormick & Williams.

If you’ve been feeling the effects of small-talk overdose, cringe from social media gloss, and believe in the elegant potential of openness in business and life, fill out this form to receive inspiring missives and your free copy of my book, Radical Sincerity.

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Sincere Business Moment: Uncoupling (in Business), by Abby Kerr and The Voice Bureau

In their co-written piece, Abby Kerr and Tami Smith — co-creators and facilitators of Empathy Marketing, among other … Read More

July, July! I'm heading to the World Domination Summit mid-month, with some hush-hush, electrifying stuff planned for me there. And there are seismic shifts going on behind the scenes at — we're over halfway through the year! — that have me leaning on some of the smartest folks I know.
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