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Are you a visionary entrepreneur and communicator? With over a decade of experience as a writers' accomplice, my editing and copyediting services bring out well-honed articles and essays, polished ecourses, and six-figure book deals. Let's talk.


As an advocate, I not only work within local and national frameworks to create change, but also write online about living with mental illness. I post regularly about my life with schizoaffective disorder, soulful business, and being a working artist.

Radical Sincerity

Who we are and what we do can be the same thing, and a belief in transparency as a guidepost for business and life informs every aspect of my days. Discover more about the benefits of truly authentic living, as well as how to introduce radical sincerity into your own life, in my free book.


I write fiction and nonfiction for publication. After receiving my MFA in Fiction from the University of Michigan in 2010, I’ve since won an Elizabeth George Foundation grant, spent time at various residencies, and am currently represented by a literary agency. Interested in my work? Hop on in.

If you’ve been feeling the effects of small-talk overdose, cringe from social media gloss, and yet wonder how to actually implement openness in business and life, fill out this form to get inspiring missives and your free copy of my book, Radical Sincerity.


Comorbid: finding stability on shifting ground. (Guest post)

image credit: Beth Kirby About a year after getting clean, I was sitting in my therapist’s office, and I decided, with … Read More

I'll be away from the online space in April while at a writers' residency, working on my second book. While I'm gone, feel free to explore pieces I've written in the past.
Spaces are filling through early summer for my editing and copyediting services — something that I'm wildly enthusiastic about. Click through to Services and learn more.