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Hello, dear ones. If you’re seeing this, it means that you’re on the old blog site — it’s likely that you subscribe through an RSS feed (thank you!) or have hopped over from an older link. I’ve migrated everything to a new spot and with a new layout, which has been a dream of mine for a while now; please visit from here on out to read future essays, interviews, and the like.

And I do know that this is a bit of a pain — thanks for putting up with it — but I’d appreciate it if you’d resubscribe to the new RSS feed, which is Here are a few of the most popular feed readers, for your convenience.

Old Reader

I’m so excited about this change, which I feel strengthens the way I can share my work with you. In the meantime, I’m not deleting this section of the site (although the material is duplicated in the new Journal), because old links exist, and I want to keep those from becoming a 404 nightmare.

However, will no longer be updated. And, again, here’s the new location:

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Places to go, people to see. May 24 2014

a motley assortment

blonde pixie cut from the side viewAfter a few days of the stomach flu, I’m happy to report that I’m back to my non-flu-infested self. While sulking and sick, I did manage to find a great treasure trove of magic on the Internet. (Many thanks for my Facebook pals for suggestions and words of comfort.) Part III of my essay, “The Choice of Children,” will go up on Tuesday, May 27; Light Gets In will officially debut on June 2; my birthday is also coming up — June 8 — and I’m trying to whip together some variety of festivities for a small gathering of friends.

I’m also bursting with pride due to this blurb:

In this stunning collection of essays, Esmé reveals how she moves about her days, living with schizoaffective disorder. It is a must-read for anyone, as this beautiful book ultimately speaks to humanity and hope.

I recently watched a talk from artist Lisa Congdon, where she noted that while people will appreciate and love your art, they’ll connect to your humanity. Esmé’s book will stay with me precisely because of its — and her — tenderness, compassion, courage and sincerity. — Margarita Tartakovsky, Associate Editor at PsychCentral, writer at Weightless

And so I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Light Gets In is currently in pre-sale mode at $12, with the price going up to $15 on its release date.

As for the links:

Enjoy your weekend, chickadees —

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Places to go, people to see.

a motley assortment

Places to go, people to see. Syrup on a table.

 Orenda is a word that describes a force — a mystical force — present in all people. Orenda is what empowers people to affect the world, or their own lives.

The above photograph was taken on a day when I was tasked with the assignment of choosing a photographer to emulate. I chose William Eggleston, the pioneering champion of color photography. I thought straightaway of his famous airplane window photograph; I snapped this picture of syrup.

Photography is a way for me to be slow. I use it in my Rawness of Remembering course as a tool for mindfulness and record-keeping. I think of it as a hobby to go to when I want to be actively looking — actively present.

What my own, particular orenda is has not revealed itself fully to me yet, but I see it in parts. It flits through my sternum when I attend to the world.

This week’s links list is filled with people who feel to me as though they are deeply in their own zone of genius (thank you, Jac, for the phrase):

Doing what you love isn’t good enough. It’s not even close to being a recipe for success. You have to do what you are really fucking good at, know it inside and out, and have worked at it for a long time.

Strikingly like the grief I have also been battling in the past few months, losing the boot and crutches meant I lost all visible injury — rendering the quieter, more invisible forms of hurting difficult to navigate.

Be well. Enjoy your weekend. & I am so grateful — really & truly — that you’re here.

Oh! And a new With Love & Squalor is out tomorrow. If you like my writing, check it out. If you don’t like my writing, I hear that there are some great sloth videos on YouTube to watch instead. (There are!)

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Places to go, people to see

a motley assortment

small white dog in the woods

Daphne on the trail in Fort Funston. She looks back periodically to make sure C and I are still there.

Dear ones, I have missed doing this round-up on Saturdays. There’s something glorious about sprinkling a heap of links in my space — something about sharing what I like, and showing you things that you might not have seen in your own adventures around the Internet; there’s also the Saturday morning ritual of pouring myself a warm cup of something, trundling to my office in the morning, and recapturing for myself the things that I found most useful or delightful through the week. So: Places to Go, People to See has returned. There will still be links not found here gathered up for the With Love & Squalor community — a community that I treasure as much as, if not more than, my warm cup of morning coffee — but Saturdays are, once again, primarily for links.

I will say that tomorrow’s WL&S will be a proclamation on my end of my intention to create certain products and experiences over the rest of this year and the next. There may be talk of a live workshop.

Without further ado:

No one knew I was sick. My Facebook presented an able-bodied version of myself stagnant for many months. On the net, my healthy self was frozen in poses of youthful exuberance, running around the city of Paris, wining and dining. Really, I was immobile in my mother’s one-bedroom apartment in Philadelphia, at times in a wheelchair, at times needing assistance for basic activities like brushing my teeth or holding a glass of water.

To wrap up: March is booked up with editing services, and I’ll be writing in the woods for all of April, but my May is beckoning you — you who are crafting and creating with words — to bring me on board. I edit big things; I’m also available to edit and copyedit smaller things, both short- and long-term. Explore my Services page for details, or get in touch directly for particular inquiries.

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Places to Go, People to See. | February 22 2014

a motley assortment

flowers-pensI find myself wondering these days if I’ve actually accomplished anything, which is a holdover from both my days as an overachiever and from my faulty memory, which has been miswiring and misfiring since the explosive events of November and December. It was in the middle of this fog that I found a piece by Michelle Ward — and  I can’t seem to locate it — which recommended the practice of keeping an Accomplishments List. After doing a bit of mental list creation, I realized I had, indeed, finished my 2014 business plan yesterday, including launch dates and estimated revenue. I’d begun drafting a guest piece for a blog for which I’d been invited to write. I’d gone to see Andy Goldsworthy’s installations in the Presidio, and picked up some new medication at the pharmacy. Things do happen, even if they don’t seem to be happening. I must remind myself of this. 

Speaking of things that are happening, I released information to my editing-specific group last week. And if you’re intrigued, I’ve got the link to more information right here.


In the meantime, I’m meeting with my writing group today at noon. The weekend has a framework: family, things to mail, preparations for a dear friend’s visit (if you ever end up staying over here, I will do my damnedest to make you a welcome basket, which is perhaps a sign that my business plan in 2040 will include a B&B by the water), writing, writing, writing.

The links — yes. But first: the relaunch is now happening in exactly one week. I’m having a housewarming that includes giving away The Kindness Hustle (a 30-day ecourse for those of you who want to sink into kindness) and a donation in your name to Girls Write Now (an organization that pairs writing mentors with at-risk girls).

Here is some reading to bring you into the weekend, as we step into the light together.

Also? I just recorded myself singing/belting “White Rabbit,” a cappella, and emailed it to two friends who’ve never heard me sing before. Just because weekends should open up with a little bit of danger. And because I’m emerging.

With love & squalor,

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